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Retha is the founder of CleartheClutter and comes from a background and profession that required a high standard of organisational skill and efficient time management.

Retha and her assistant will quickly assess what is not working in a specific space and will provide a suitable solution to improve the functionality and what type of organisation will work best.

4 Simple Reasons

Why use us?

There are many reasons why one would want to declutter and organise one’s space. These four reasons stand out to us the most:


You are tired of losing things and you often waste time looking for items.


You buy things you already have, because you cannot find them.


You’re overwhelmed by clutter, and just don’t know where to start.


You are moving and don’t want to move with your clutter.

Easy Living

Beautiful, Organised Spaces

We love to create beautiful and organized spaces—considering the family needs, the flow of everyday life;
and what systems will work best.

Mess causes stress!

Clutter can be an energy zapper and a waste of inordinate amounts of time looking for things. People tend to feel like life is out of control when they surround themselves with more things than they can manage. It is almost impossible to feel peaceful in a cluttered and chaotic environment.

mess causes stress
holding on too long to items

Holding On — Too Long

Many items have more than just a monetary value – they will stir up memories and have sentimental value. Our possessions give us feelings of security and comfort. We will feel guilty for money wasted and thus hang on to things. One can get caught up in the cycle of “I might need this later”. These are real and valid feelings that make it challenging to part with our stuff.

We will Help You Go Through Every Item to Establish if:

  • it really makes you happy;
  • you really need it;
  • you actually do use it;
  • it is sentimental.

If the answer is yes to all, you should keep it. If the answer is no, it must go.

decluttering and organising services
clear the clutter Dubai

Finding What
Really Matters

Decluttering is all about making room in your home for the things that matter. It relieves stress by providing a sense of control and accomplishment—it gives closure and peace.

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